Alexandra and Earth Marzella are Overdressed

Images and Text: Remy Holwick, Styling: Jess Mederos, Assistant Styling: Madie Shaver, Models: Alexandra and Earth Marzella.

Navigating the ethics of luxury has never been simple. Labels other as much as they define status, excessive spending and overconsumption are ever-growing symbols of a culture that can not sustain the very systems it relies on to operate, and fashion has a long history of drawing style inspiration from the streets, only to repackage it at inaccessible price points and without credit– but the complexities of luxury and style during a pandemic have forced fashion to examine itself in a new light.

Are we dressing for joy? Are we dressing for comfort? Are we dressing to feel most like ourselves? In the absence of a social audience, our priorities have come under a microscope- and luxury consumption, already fraught, has never felt so difficult to justify.

We attempted to nod to these complexities when shooting Alexandra and Earth– alone in an empty room, without hair and makeup, with simple lighting and uneven walls, and Alexandra having given birth during the lockdowns only a few months prior. The stark realities of our lives have never felt further from the gloss of our industry.

Dress, PH5
Kerchief, Clyde
Shoes, Marc Jacobs

Top and Skirt, Christian Wijnants
Coat, Stella McCartney
Scarf (on Earth), Haute Hijab
Full Look, Versace
Top and Pants, Christian Wijnants
Hat, Clyde
Shoes, Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses, Bonnie and Clyde
Coat and Shorts, Marc Jacobs
Boots, Gray Matters
Sunglasses, Bonnie and Clyde
Coat, Dickie and Sweater, Michael Kors
Hat, Clyde
Sweaters, Michael Kors
Boots, Versace
Coat, PH5
Hat and Headband, Lola Hats

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