Luke Abby and Carlos Darder Explore Love, Lust, and the Human Cost of Political Fallout in Puerto Rico

Photography: Luke Abby and Carlos Darder, Text: Luke Abby

The majority of images presented in this series were photographed during one of the first trips Carlos and I took together to Puerto Rico in early 2020, shortly before the pandemic lockdown.

Our local host told us of an abandoned hotel directly on the ocean that closed some ten years ago, which we immediately went to explore.

Puerto Rico’s stark beauty of lush greens clashing with rich blues alongside the destruction created by hurricanes and earthquakes over the last decade have left an overgrown, abandoned reality, consumed by nature and wildlife.

The neoliberal measures and policies at play between the US and Puerto Rico have kept the territory in a state of constant economic dependency for survival, but the US does not provide adequate support for recovery. Despite this, the people of Puerto Rico continue to survive and attempt to move forward with what they have.

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