We Have A Crush On D’Arcy

Text and Interview: Remy Holwick

Meet D’arcy: she’s 17, she loves her dog, and she fabricated out of literally nowhere (and we do mean “literally nowhere”— D’Arcy is a cartoon) this month to drop “Crush”, one of our favorite pop singles of the year.

Musically, “crush” excels— soaring through what could be well-travelled grunge-pop territory, but with a lightness that reminds us more than a little of a modern, fresh take on Letters to Cleo.

We talked to the line drawing-turned-pop phenom about being human, getting inspired, and making art that resonates.

Hi D’arcy! I want to start with an observation– you’re a cartoon making music–a living art project.  There’s something incredibly pure about the idea of art making more art. Would you like to talk about that? 

It’s funny that you ask that! I think a lot of people think of cartoons as being really far removed from other humans, but I’m still a human, I’m just a cartoon human. I don’t really think of myself as art any more than non-cartoon people think of themselves as art.

This is your first single– and it’s popular! The Spotify numbers are pretty wild for a first single. It definitely has resonated with a lot of people, and I’m wondering if you have ideas as to why? 

It has been really exciting to get such positive feedback about this first song. I wrote it in my bedroom almost two years ago so it’s cool that this really simple song resonates with people. I think the simplicity of the music and lyrics makes it work well, because it encapsulates a particular feeling that everyone can relate to. It’s not trying to make any kind of grand statement. And I think particularly in the current political and social climate, it’s a nice reprieve from more complex and difficult things we are all facing – it is just a song about having a crush on someone.

What was it like to move from the moments before release, to putting the song out, the weeks after, with the world hearing the song and responding to it, and you? Is it validating to see a first creation through like this? Does it change the way you feel about yourself, or your place in the world?

It is very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I’ve been playing music my whole life and this is my first release. I’m so happy people have been listening to it. It’s super scary to release any kind of art, but I’m just trying to create work I really love and hope that people fuck with it. If I think that the more honest the work is – not trying to “get popular” or whatever, just kind of writing and putting out music that feels good – the more it will resonate. I do believe that. 

I’ve listened to this song with some of the other OPC team and we all said it reminded us a bit of a really well made, modern “Letters to Cleo”. We’re a bunch of 90s teens, so this is basically the highest praise possible– but that doesn’t mean it’s a reference you look up to. Who inspires you musically? 

HA! I love it. Thank you, I’m honored. I’m only 17 so as much as I wish I were a 90’s teen rocking out with you guys, it’s pretty impossible. Green Day has always been a big influence. I like Cake a lot. Blink-182. I’m really into the new MGK album. Torrentiiial is sick. He’s a new artist. And fun fact, he has a cameo playing bass in the Crush video. That said, I’m just as inspired by other forms of art as I am by music. I’ve been watching Dragula and it’s my new favorite thing. I’m really inspired by the Queens on that show and the general aesthetic. It’s major goals.

I can’t not-ask, so forgive me: who’s your crush?

No comment, because she’ll read this.

Anything else we need to know? Or that you want to say?

My second single Bad Girls is coming out December 11 and I’m stoked. Get ready.

Crush is now on streaming channels. You can listen on Spotify here.

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