Ariel Beesley is Here to do a Math Problem

Interview: Remy Holwick and Jess Mederos; Photos: Masterview

Ariel Beesley by Masterview

Ariel Beesley is everywhere right now– literally dropping new songs left and right– so obviously she just dropped a live version of “Awake All Night” (and it’s a bop because of course it is) in the middle of it all to be just a little more everywhere. Stars. They’re just like us, Amirite? Let’s get the important info out of the way so she can do the math problems we sent her.

Says Beesley, “Awake All Night” is pretty special to me. There’s a couple reasons why I wanted to release a live version. First off, I sing this song completely differently live than it was originally recorded on my debut EP. As I played more and more shows, I noticed I started to sing it angrier and angrier. I think this was a physical materialization of my growth. You see the song was originally written from this place of wanting to feel strong and badass but I think the more I’ve performed it, the more those feelings have become a reality for me.  Music has a funny way of doing that, helping you find the words before you allow yourself to really feel the feelings. 

“Also seeing as there are no live shows right now, I thought it’d be fun to release something live. This particular show was for the launch of the nonprofit I started- U Start Here- which aims to help survivors of sexual assault through community and therapeutic resources. To be able to immortalize that event so to speak, with this single, feels pretty damn special as well.  

“Originally co-written by myself and Justin Warfield. “

Ok cool. We get it. You’re amazing and we have a crush on you, Ariel. Now answer these questions:

1) What is your blood pressure? 
Honestly probably higher right now 

(2) Do you miss touring? 
I miss shows more than I could try to explain 

(3) During an eclipse, is it safe to stare directly at Willem Defoe?
I love him so I’m gonna go ahead and say yeah

(4) How many bitcoins does it take to get some goddamn respect in this town?
Not god damn enough!! 

(5) It’s January, what have you learned about woodworking?

That’s gonna be a no from me dawg 

(8) Pretend you’re a lizard. 
Every damn day 

(7)What the fuck is happening right now?

(9) A university library budget committee must reduce exactly five of eight areas of expenditure—G, L, M, N, P, R, S, and W—in accordance with the following conditions:
If both G and S are reduced, W is also reduced.
If N is reduced, neither R nor S is reduced.
If P is reduced, L is not reduced.
Of the three areas L, M, and R, exactly two are reduced.
Question: How many times did you wash your hair this month? 
Honestly not a lot lol 

(10) Tell us about your kids. 
Names are Rosey, Phil, Mo, and Grim. All gals. 2 cats 2 dogs all sweet babies 

(11) How do you think Brexit will impact the Irish economy in Q3 of this year?
Oi vey 

Stars… They’re just like us!

“Awake All Night” is out all over now. Listen here:

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