Your New Anthem: Radiant Reveries Debut “Missing”

Photos Karli Henneman; Text Remy Holwick.

It’s one of the biggest small pleasures in life: finding that perfect track– the one you didn’t know you needed, and now you can’t imagine your playlist without. Credit where credit is due: Radiant Reveries have just dropped the 70’s- rock- infused banger, Missing, just in time for the hot summer nights it was seemingly made for.

We caught up with Adam and Karolina Wallace to talk about all things Missing, the tummult of the past year, and what the future holds for the band.

See the video and hear the Track:

What is the concept behind Radiant Reveries, and was it there from the beginning?

The original concept was about breaking through fear, communing with others and the self through the spirit of music.  It was loose and organic. The project began as a solo outlet for Adam. Shortly after Karolina jumped into the mix and the band grew from there.  Radiant Reveries continues to be a space to manifest and  raise the creative spirit.

Did you have a specific vision for Missing?

The vision for Missing was to express and process some raw deep hurt and loss. It was a longing, a search, a prayer, a chant, a scream into the abyss.  A questioning and beckoning to the Great Mystery for answers.  
The videos vision was built with our director/editor and friend Alexander Evan Morales. We wanted to express the feeling of going through a transformative, mystical, albeit abstract journey. We also wanted it to be based in a black box setting with a red, green and blue color palette. Alex really took it from there and worked his magic! 

What’s your songwriting process?

We like to work on writing individually and then bring our ideas to each other where we unite with open hearts and minds to bring the song to its fullest potential. From there we bring it to our collaborators and start building the song up. We like to grow the songs in a live setting, utilizing that living and breathing interaction.  There’s a lot of happy accidents that happen in those live shows and rehearsals that we grab onto.  At times a song is born very quickly, at other times a song may take years to birth.  We do our best to honor every songs individual needs.  Kind of like a pet or a kid…

Missing  blends a few styles together. Did you go for that intentionally or is it just a result of the music that comes out of you?

We didn’t intentionally blend styles together or go for a particular sound. It was more a result of the music that comes out of us naturally. Missing had a long evolution to get to the present released form. It picked up elements here and there through live performance, rehearsals and demoing.  One thing we did want was to maintain the rawness and authenticity.  

Who would you describe as your biggest musical influences?

We have so many influences but to name a few of our classics: The Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, Townes Van Zandt, Gene Clark, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Slowdive, Low, Nirvana, Radiohead, Joy Division, Portishead, PJ Harvey…

How do you feel the band has grown over this last year of so much “change”?

The last year has been a big challenge for us and for so many others out there. We uprooted from NYC to LA. As a band we have had no live shows, so we have been focusing on making videos and getting our unreleased album out there into the world.  There’s been a lot of growth on the back end of things. 

What’s next for you?

Releasing singles and videos off our upcoming album. Which will drop in the fall. We are also writing and working on our followup album. Staying creative and moving forward.

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