Everything is New Again: Making the Past Present with Andres Altamirano and Dione Davis

Images + Video: Andres Altamirano; Stylist: Dione Davis; Hair & Make up: Chika Nishiyama; Song ‘Patmou’ : Alvaro Soto; Model: Jackie Klein; Photo Assistant: Blanca Guerrero; Text: Jess Mederos Vintage binds past moments with eternal chic. Past histories and possessions benefit from the context of time, and take on a new importance and attitude whenContinue reading “Everything is New Again: Making the Past Present with Andres Altamirano and Dione Davis”

‘Double Vision’: Photographer May Daniels Shoots Lorien and Khaila Stevens

Photos: May Daniels, Styling: Byron Jesus, Hair: Lana Hunter, Makeup: Devyn McGant, Models: Lorien and Khaila Stevens, Text: Jess Mederos On a sunlit day in Los Angeles, Photographer May Daniels captures the love and beauty of sisters Lorien and Khaila Stevens. Discovered by artist SZA, the Missouri sisters are featured here in their debut fashionContinue reading “‘Double Vision’: Photographer May Daniels Shoots Lorien and Khaila Stevens”

Sharokh Mirzai’s Grounded Brooklyn Take on AW20

Photography: Sharokh Mirzai, Styling: Jess Mederos assisted by Maddie Shaver, Model: Destiny Allera at Calliber Models, Text: Remy Holwick. What relevance do labels hold when so much of our lives revolve around our own block? Photographer Sharokh Mizrai presents a grounded take on AW20 looks, where the clothing blends seamlessly into the neighborhood, translating elevatedContinue reading “Sharokh Mirzai’s Grounded Brooklyn Take on AW20”

Lea Winkler Shoots Other Peoples Children

Photography: Lea Winkler; Text: Remy Holwick. By now, it’s hardly news that fashion has a disastrous obsession with promoting whiteness and privilege. The idea that a model should be a blank canvas, with their personality ascribed by each successive creative team on a shoot-by-shoot basis, has been slowly eroding for decades. The current generation ofContinue reading “Lea Winkler Shoots Other Peoples Children”

Andres Altamirano and Reni Lane Explore Staying Home

Photography: Andres Altamirano, Styling: Mary Sucaet, Hair and Makeup: Chika Nishiyama, Model: Reni Lane, Video: Brendan Burdzinski, Special Thanks: James Rosenquist Studio, Text: Jess Mederos. At the apex of the New York City pandemic lockdowns, photographer Andres Altamirano, stylist Mary Sucaet, and model and musician Reni Lane create a world that evokes the boredom andContinue reading “Andres Altamirano and Reni Lane Explore Staying Home”

Alexandra and Earth Marzella are Overdressed

Images and Text: Remy Holwick, Styling: Jess Mederos, Assistant Styling: Madie Shaver, Models: Alexandra and Earth Marzella. Navigating the ethics of luxury has never been simple. Labels other as much as they define status, excessive spending and overconsumption are ever-growing symbols of a culture that can not sustain the very systems it relies on toContinue reading “Alexandra and Earth Marzella are Overdressed”