Your New Anthem: Radiant Reveries Debut “Missing”

Photos Karli Henneman; Text Remy Holwick. It’s one of the biggest small pleasures in life: finding that perfect track– the one you didn’t know you needed, and now you can’t imagine your playlist without. Credit where credit is due: Radiant Reveries have just dropped the 70’s- rock- infused banger, Missing, just in time for theContinue reading “Your New Anthem: Radiant Reveries Debut “Missing””

Ariel Beesley is Here to do a Math Problem

Interview: Remy Holwick and Jess Mederos; Photos: Masterview Ariel Beesley is everywhere right now– literally dropping new songs left and right– so obviously she just dropped a live version of “Awake All Night” (and it’s a bop because of course it is) in the middle of it all to be just a little more everywhere.Continue reading “Ariel Beesley is Here to do a Math Problem”

We Have A Crush On D’Arcy

Text and Interview: Remy Holwick Meet D’arcy: she’s 17, she loves her dog, and she fabricated out of literally nowhere (and we do mean “literally nowhere”— D’Arcy is a cartoon) this month to drop “Crush”, one of our favorite pop singles of the year. Musically, “crush” excels— soaring through what could be well-travelled grunge-pop territory,Continue reading “We Have A Crush On D’Arcy”

I Wish I Was As Cool As Daniella Valdez

Interview and text: Remy Holwick, Images: Astrid D. We need to talk about Daniella Valdez. The artist and model bears more than a passing resemblance to a Gen Z Patti Smith, and has as much magnetism, raw talent, and passion as an act ten times bigger.  Her stage act is raw and ambitious, with Valdez paintedContinue reading “I Wish I Was As Cool As Daniella Valdez”