American Scrapbook #1: John and Jonah

Photos and Text: John Ilmoniemi Welcome to the inaugural edition of the OPC American Scrapbook Series. This series encapsulates real stories of love, loss, and lived experiences through photography. If you have a story to tell please email us at . I first met Jonah in 1990 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida while I wasContinue reading “American Scrapbook #1: John and Jonah”

The Fugees’ John Forte Gave Me An Incredible Gift From Prison

By: Jess Mederos, Image: Remy Holwick Doorbells ring in the suburbs at 5am for two reasons – both involve law enforcement. The doorbell of our Long Island home rang at five am, and my mother and I were jolted from sleep by intense banging, as if someone was trying to break down our door. IContinue reading “The Fugees’ John Forte Gave Me An Incredible Gift From Prison”

Jo Rosenthal Wants You To Have It All

By Jo Rosenthal, Image: Astrid De Prossino-Lois “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend” – Emerson Lake & Palmer There’s about 10 to 30 seconds when you wake up in the morning where you are completely unaware of your surroundings and who you are. It’s thatContinue reading “Jo Rosenthal Wants You To Have It All”

From The Editor: An “American” Culture

Photo: Andres Altamirano; Text: Remy Holwick. Welcome to the new OPC digital. I was approached with the concept of helming a digital media site by Jesse Simon at OPC Management in late July, amid a trifecta of conspiring energies –on the heels of the NYC lockdown, on the crest of the wave of Black Uprising,Continue reading “From The Editor: An “American” Culture”